Wine Bar

Tapas and Cocktail Menus

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Tapas menu at No 5.  Our restaurant is located on the upper floor but you can also enjoy our tapas menu within the surroundings of our piano bar on the ground floor or on our heated terrace. Check out our delicious menu below

 Cocktail Menu 2016

No5 signature cocktails


Prosecco / Peach Puree / Ginger Syrup / Peach Bitters    (or Pear and Vanilla )



Aperol/ Campari / Prosecco / Olive Grapefruit

No5 Mule


Chilli infused Titos Vodka / Lychee Syrup / Lime / Bitters / Ginger Beer

Copper Mug

Kidori Sour


Stoli Vanilla Vodka / Midori / Fresh Kiwi / Lime / Whites

Coupe Glass

Pearstar Martini

Pear Vodka / Passion Fruit Puree / Lime / Vanilla / Apple Juice

Served w/ Shot of Pear Prosecco

Mandarin Eldeflower Cosmo


Madarin Vodka / Mandrin Liquer / Eldeflower Syrup / Lime / Crandberry/ Mandarin Wheel

Martini Glass

No5 Sour

(Whiskey sour)

Ron Zacappa rum / Cointreau / Lemon / Sugar / Whites / Malbec Float


Bourbon Smash

(Whiskey Smash)

Bullit Bourbon / Raspberry Jam / Triple Sec / Fresh Orange / Mint

Rocks Glass

Cherry Old fashioned

(Old Fashioned)

Bullit Rye / Amaretto / Cherry syrup / Barrel Aged Bitters / Orange

Old Fashioned Glass

 Mexican Negroni

Mezcal / Antica Formula / Campari

Rocks Glass


Tanquaray Gin / Peach Puree / Lemon / Crème De Mure / Thyme

Rocks Glass

Blueb berry ginger mojito


Havana 3 anos / Fresh Blueberries / Fresh Ginger / Mint / Lime / Ginger Beer

Highball w/ crushed ice



Jose cuervo Silver / Cointrueau / Agarve Syrup / Lime / Lavander

Rocks Glass

Espresso Martini
Caramel vodka/ esspresso / Kalua / salt Caramel